Reiki encourages and activates the body’s natural healing system physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

You can start to care for and heal yourself by eating healthier and moving your body, but many of us forget that we also need to nurture our spiritual/energetic self. It is all connected, and if we ignore one these elements, we limit our ability to reach our full potential.

Sometimes we just cannot pinpoint why we feel off or not ourselves. This is often blocked energy chakras, which can build up over time from stress, trauma, injury, toxins, relationships, anxiety and day to day life. I am also a strong believer that many of our physical issues stem from emotional or mental blocks (I will say it again “it is all connected”).

Reiki meaning “Universal Life Force Energy”, is a beautiful Japanese healing technique that aids in unblocking your energy chakras to assist the flow of clean energy.


Everything, including your body is ENERGY.  Even if we are not consciously aware of it, we all respond to the energy around us. It is the reason why we are drawn to some people and not others or why we feel uncomfortable when we walk into a certain room.

Reiki will assist in bringing the mind, body and soul back into alignment and to a state of harmony. I work closely with your chakras to remove blockages that may have built up over time (even lifetimes), along with deeply intuitive and insightful discussions woven in to your healing sessions.

Each session is unique to you, and I will guide you through your own personalised after-care

and tools to help you get the most from your healing experience.

If you are ready to experience the healing energy of reiki, to rediscover your self-connection, to trust, let go, settle the mind chatter, breath deeply and find your calm, even among the days that seem more challenging, please connect with me, I would love to hear from you.

I currently offer the following reiki healing experiences:

~ 1:1 in person healing (Southern Adelaide, South Australia) $100 for one hour

~ Distant Healing (via video call) $100 for one hour

~ Reiki + Frequency Therapy $110 for one hour

~ Reiki for Pregnancy $100
~ Illuminate Me Reiki Mentoring Package – Click here

~ Reiki Certification Courses – Click Here
~ Reiki-Infused Yoga – Click here

How amazing is it that you already have the power within to heal, let’s rediscover it together. 


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~ Sharing our way of life as we travel Australia and I spread Yoga and Reiki vibes as we go ~