“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much” – Helen Keller


I love connecting with like-minded and inspiring souls to create magic and amplify our wellness messages together!

If you have an idea on how we could collaborate or just want to connect, please get in touch, I would love to hear from you.


Yoga, Meditation, Guest Speaker, Reiki Healings, Reiki-Infused Yoga, Workshops


See below some of the collaborations I have been lucky enough to be part of (hover over image for more details)

I am also available to cover yoga classes from time to time.


Tahlia Pretty - Workshops & Retreats

Guest Yoga Teacher at the Soulshine Women’s

Retreats and Workshops.

“Thank you gorgeous girl for being a shining light! I loveeeed everything you bought and your love pouring over these women. So grateful for you” – Tahlia Pretty

Fundamental Fitness

Main Yoga Teacher

“We’re grateful for having you on our team and love your positive contributions to our Fundamental Fitness Community” – Quinton, Fundamental Fitness

Divine Enlightenment

Guest Yoga Teacher for Reiki Courses


“Karlee always brings a renewed energy to my students completing their Reiki qualifications, introducing a yoga session to break up the day” – Carol, Divine Enlightenment

Stay Fitness & Wellbeing Streaky Bay

Guest speaker for 6 Week Challenge +
Co-host for Mindful Movement Workshop

“I am just so grateful to enjoy your energy, enjoy your work and be part of something special. I love what you do, your beautiful soul is uplifting!” – Brooke, Stay Fitness and Wellbeing

Statera Collective

Guest Meditation Teacher on Volunteer and Wellness Retreat

“Thank you for your love and contribution, I couldn’t have done it without you. I love your vibe and peace you bought to everyone was beautifully fitting for the big week. Everyone loved the meditations” – Valentina, Statera Collective

Live Wisely Ayurveda & Essential Oils

Aroma Yoga, Meditation + Essential Oils Workshops

“Thank you for today – it was a great session and the feedback from your meditation speaks for itself!” – Abbie, Live Wisely

Still Earth Warnertown

Guest Yoga Teacher for Mindful Movement + Guest Reiki Healer


“You have a wonderful way about you and the way you teach yoga, so thank you” – Anthony, Still Earth

Mercedes College

Year 9 Break Free Program – Yoga and Mindfulness

“Karlee designed and ran an exceptional session with my group of 27 year 9 girls… While the physical yoga she taught challenged and strengthened them, the real strength came from the mantras she designed and the positive self talk she instilled in these girls throughout the session” – Holly, Teacher

Darwin Aviation Firefighters

Mens only Yoga classes

“Highly recommended for relaxation, improved flexibility, prehab and rehab”

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~ Sharing our way of life as we travel Australia and I spread Yoga and Reiki vibes as we go ~

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